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The Ideal Camper for One!

Camper For One, Please: Bufalino Concept

The Bufalino, designed by Cornelius Comanns (great name) is a little three-wheeled camper made for a single person. Or two if you like things cozy. Like, really cozy. I’m talking privates touching cozy (the best kind).

the minimalist construction is based on the existing piaggio APE 50 three wheeled light transport vehicle; a model chosen for its economic and fuel efficient benefits.

‘my aim was to give people a better understanding of the country, the surrounding, and the range they have travelled. the travelling vehicle is always with you like some kind of a base camp, while also being used for moving on in an easygoing and spontaneous way.

‘bufalino’ encourages users to explore the surrounding off beaten tracks. meanwhile the furnished interior consisting of a bed, two seating units, a cooking zone, a basin, storage space, a water tank and a refrigerator offers the comforts of a home.

Call me crazy, but I actually want one. I’ve always wanted to get behind the wheel and see this great country of ours. Ooooor get drunk and have a ‘Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives’ marathon. What? Baby steps, yo!

Hit the jump for a whole bunch more pictures of the last thing you’ll ever camp in before being mauled by a wolf/bear/mountain lion (maybe I’ve been playing too much RDR).

cornelius comanns: bufalino [designboom]
‘Bufalino’ concept car, an apartment on wheels [dvice]

What’s good for the Gander…

Recently at the farm we replaced our shed which had burned down a few years earlier under dubious circumstances. We constructed a slightly larger building on top of the crumbling concrete of the old shed. We applied for a building permit and supplied the township with almost everything they require for the building permit. Except of course for the permit from the Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority. The CRCA gained the right to TAX property owners who live near various types of wetland in 2006.

The problem is that they want us to get a permit whenever we build anything, grade our driveway or make any major changes to our property.  Well I grade my driveway several times in the spring, summer and fall and we plow the snow off in in the winter. We all gravel to it as one would to maintain a driveway as well. So we would be paying a lot of money to the CRCA just because of our proximity to a wetland.

Now a bit about this wetland. Well for starters it’s not wet year round. It fills with water in the fall, freezes and then dries out in the early spring. Last summer we got a record amount of rain, but we took our white dog Rudy out to the swamp for a walk, and an hour later we still hadn’t found any water (or mud) and neither had he dog! And She’s a hound.

So this week we were served with a fine for not complying with the Townships building permit.

This week we also learned that a local water front developer has put an 80 foot wide road in through the wetland! About a mile and a half long! build with a high hoe, and smashed threw the once beautiful land. huge trees smashed and tossed aside! Avery sad sight.

But the best thing of all is that it appears that no permits of any kind were issued, nothing from the township, MNR or the CRCA so I guess the rule is that if you have money, you can do what ever you want to the environment!

Evergreen Solar Buying Club announced

We have been solar powered for twenty years. We have joined together with several other solar powered folks so that we can buy our new panels cheaper by the pallet.

We decided to see if anyone else would be interested in getting in on the savings with us, we asked around and found that there were a lot of people interested.

The club is simple, and free to join. By purchasing the panels in bulk, we all share in the savings.

If you have any questions, please ask away. We don’t know everything but we installed our own systems, and have maintained them for over twenty years.

If we don’t know the answer, we’ll point you in a direction where you will find it.

We do not generally install systems, but we have a great relationship with two area companies that can help you out.

If you’re looking for something specific, give us a call and we will try to locate it for you at a reasonable rate.

All panels are shipped to the farm outside of Lyndhurst, when they come in we’ll invite everyone over for a photo opportunity, and something warm to drink!

New panels are sold by the pallet. Used panels are sold by availability. Prices do not include tax or the $25 Shipping charge


190 Watt Canadian Solar $825 NEW ($4.34/watt) – twenty panels available

80 Watt   Solartech Panels $299 New ($3.73/watt) – eight panels available

175 Watt panels 3 yrs old  $725  ($4.14/watt) – many available USED

100 watt Siemens (5 yr old)  $450 ($4.50/watt) USED

75 watt Siemens (7 yr old) $300   ($4.00/watt) ) USED

A Home Spun answer to a Tropical Tourists Nightmare
November 3, 2009, 11:15 pm
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Bravo to Honduras! They sat down and despite their political differences, and the high emotions, they worked it out! For once I can say that I have some faith in politicians! (Not any of the idiots in Canada!) The Honduran constitutional crisis grew more out of a slow news day, than an actual crisis. And the country very much wants to say that it is “Business as Usual”.

Tourism is down by as much as 70%, and non existent in some areas, have you ever wanted to go to a deserted island? Well Roatan and Utila offer thousands of beautiful resorts, hotels, restaurants and bars that are currently offering spectacular deals. Your vacation just got cheaper and more private!

And Safer!

Roatan has always been a safe destination, and this past year it instituted an active crime watch program, combined with efforts to support the local Marine Park, the future has been reassured above and below the waterline. So come visit, there are lots of ways, contact me and I’ll gladly help out for free! After all I’ve been going to the Bay Islands since 1997!

Do I have Stupid Written on My Forehead?
November 3, 2009, 10:58 pm
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I live in the country, I don’t have a big farm, just a little one. I don’t drive around in a big ass F150 that I’m paying off until the end of time and I don’t like to get ripped off because I am either seen as part of, or not part of a specific group.

So this past spring when I took my Husqvarna lawn tractor in for an oil and filter, actually they came and got it. I bought it from them and I thought they were honest so I figured , they know theses things so let them do their thing. well I was wrong because they called with a bill that was over $500.00!!!  Shit it still only costs 50 bucks or so to get the oil changed in a car! So they clearly think I’m part of the hobby farm elite! Maybe they think I’ve got a grand granite swimming pool overhanging the St.Lawrence river, on my estate!

Wrong they just thought they would try and soak me! But I got them to knock a hour’s labour off the bill if I promised never to come back there!



So today I was calling around to a local heating and cooling supply place asking about 1/2 inch soft copper tubing, and low and behold they too think that I’m a big fat rich guy. They sell the copper in 60 foot rolls, but they charge $349.00. Home depot and the TSC store in Brockville both sell it, and I thought that a pro place would sell it cheaper. But I guess that this class war extends a lot farther than I thought because the Home Depot price is $300.00 cheaper! So I thought that this might be an oversight, and I called back and spoke to a women in the front office, and low and behold she said that they were “Supporting the tradesmen in the area”.  I guess by ripping the rest of us off! So I guess it will be a while before I shop at


So why is it so hard to look after the planet and after your pocketbook at the same time!

Harper has Sold our Countries Soul!
October 27, 2009, 6:57 pm
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With the latest inaction of the Canadian government in regard to the climate talks in Copenhagen, Harper is borrowing from our children’s futures. If you could put a positive spin on the potential end of life as we know it, it would have received one of those big tory cheques, with a big logo. But you can’t. By actually going to the conference, with a firm agenda, all that is being doe is sending a bunch of hardline right wingers on an all expense paid holiday to Denmark.

In fact I offer that the cost of the flights and hotels would be enough money to really do some good,  somewhere  where politicians are not.