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Dishes Made From Compost?

Boost your eco-cred, teach the kids, improve your garden, and save on dish soap – what more could a environmentally conscious family ask for?”


We were recently told about this new product by Verterra. When I first heard about it, I really didn’t think that something like this would work. The idea was nice, but it would be impractical for me and my family. When you think of ways that you can help the environment and do your part to reduce waste, you probably do not think of disposable dishware made of compost.


Yes, I said disposable dishware made of compost.


To be more specific (and to make sure people are not turned off by the concept), these products are made from from 100% renewable and compostable plant matter and water.


We were sent a sample and put it to the test. We have three children and a busy household that enjoys meals ideal for pushing this product to its limits: pastas, gravy, and sauces galore.  I was a bit skeptical.


When I first opened the package, I was surprised to see that the plates are very stylish. The ones we received had a square design, which to many is very appealing. They also come in other shapes, including round and hexagonal that fit whatever design you are looking for and have a natural wood look.


Here are some of the results of our test.  With Verterra dinnerware, you can:


    * Microwave them

    * Use them in the oven

    * Re-Use them (even though they are billed as a single-use product)

    * Use them when guests are over for dinner (they are stylish and help boost your “eco-cred”)

    * Help your garden

    * Allow children to live green in a fun way – imagine the kids giggling when you say “do the dishes”


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This all sounds great. I can’t stand waste. This site helped me realize that we can all help make a difference.

Comment by Garrison

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