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Paper Made From Rocks!?


My brother handed me a piece of TerraSkin paper with the challenge “Try and rip it!Go ahead…” The only outcome of all my tugging and tearing was a tiny bump in the sheet. “That’s because it’s made of rocks…” he concluded smugly. TerraSkin is a new line from the Environmental Division of Design and Source Productions Inc. ( Marketed as a “tree-free paper,” TerraSkin paper is made almost completely from minerals and uses barely any water, and none of the usual toxic chemicals, such as bleach and high levels of chlorine, present in the traditional paper production process. Additionally, any water that is used is part of a closed loop system so as to avoid the systematic pollution of water sources that results from most paper-making practices.

TerraSkin paper is made by using high levels of heat on mineral powders combined with non-toxic resin. The ink used in TerraSkin products is also all non-toxic and the ink bonds extremely well to the surface. Once formed, the paper sheets are impermeable to water.However, if left to decompose the paper will degrade back in to mineral powders over time. Printing on TerrSkin papers also use 20-30% less ink (ink is another major contributor to toxic water outputs of paper industries).

According to statistics quoted on their website, the pulp and paper industry is the third largest polluter in the U.S. and Canada, with over 220 million pounds of toxic pollutants being released per year into the environment. Pulp and paper industries are also the largest cause of deforestation across the globe, which is a key factor in climate change and the rapid degradation of the earth’s ecosystems on every level.

With such in mind, it’s high time we began implementing wide scale changes to the industry and to our treatment of paper as an infinite resource and disposable commodity.TerraSkin presents itself as a much more environmentally sound option.In Canada, TerraSkin products (which include shopping bags, banners and journals) are sold through Mitz ( Further articles on TerraSkin can be found in the January 2005 issues of The Earth Guardian and Beyond Beauty mag.

Does anyone have more information or other alternatives to tree-made paper to share?Paper Made From Rocks?!


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TerraSkin rock paper has been Cradle to Cradle certified now – WOW.No other paper in the world has has that going for it. The paper is made from POST consumer rock waste and Post consumer PE – it is basically made from garbage!.It is non toxic, acid free, degradable,FDA approved, uses 50 % less fossil fuel to produce and uses NO TREES,WATER OR BLEACH.Prints with veggie inks offset.
Paper production and printing are the leading contributors to our current fresh water pollution -here is an alternative.

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