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We’re ‘Splitzville!, Like Outa Here!

Happy Trails!

Have a great winter we are off on our annual epic trip to Central America. This years trip starts off with us driving to Florida in a nice big Cadillac, and getting paid to do it too! We’ll stop off in Tennessee for BBQ and in Meansville Georgia for the best Tilapia you’ll ever find at an airport! Then after dropping the car off in West Palm Beach we have a few days for poking around South Beach Miami before we fly to Honduras for $8 each!

Once on Honduran soil we will make a bee line from the metropolis of San Pedro Sula to the northern coast town of La Ceiba, and just in time for Saturday night at the ex patriots bar! Then the trip gets a bit more relaxed, we will hop a chicken bus to Trujillo, the town where both Columbus and William Walker landed in the new world for the last time. From here we will try to get a boat to Guanaja, and then on to the east end of Roatan, but if we can’t we will retreat to La Ceiba, and just in time for Saturday night at the ex patriots bar!!!

I learned to dive on Utila back in the early nineties so we will slide over there for a week. We want to get some of the BBQ at RJ’s and if we’re lucky Dave’s as well. There are some great bars on Utila so we might be up a bit late! Our friend Vern sails back and forth between Utila and West End, Roatan a couple of times a week, so we will get to Roatan with him.

Once on Roatan we let go of the reins, we have so many friends here and they will have a wide variety of options for us to stay in once we arrive. After stopping off at Coconut Tree Divers to see our friends, we’ll wander over to Sundowners for a few drinks and the greatest sunset on the planet!

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