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An Australian Answer to huge Question!
May 20, 2009, 1:37 am
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Who Revived the Electric Car!

General Questions about the evMe
Where is the car made?
The car has been designed and assembled in Australia. Components for the car come from a variety of sources all over the world.
Is this an Australian car company if everything is made overseas?
Energetique is a wholly owned Australian company. The specialty electronic components that we import from our overseas suppliers is currently not manufactured in Australia. Our advanced technologies in system integration and vehicle management are proprietary to Energetique and differentiate us from being an importer of components.
Are there any government rebates or subsidies for purchasing an electric car in Australia?
Not at this time but Energetique is actively lobbying government to support cleaner more sustainable transport solutions.
How did you come up with the idea for evMe?
Founder Phil Coop had always been interested in issues of sustainability and regional economics. Phil was concerned that there were as yet no real alternatives to internal combustion vehicles and decided to purchase a Suzuki Mighty Boy that was converted to electric using an AC Induction motor and lead acid batteries. The vehicle had a long working life but was constrained by the conventional technologies it contained. Several years of research involving a small team of like minded, technology savvy individuals revealed that an energy efficient and environmentally friendly transport alternative for commuters was possible using state of the art technologies and that there was an opportunity to manufacture this type of vehicle in Australia. This background research also provided a wide range of associated technologies and applications that are currently being pursued through more formal research and development and ultimately commercialisation.
I want to add a link to the evMe website from my website, do you have any graphics?
Images can be downloaded from the media section of the evMe site here

Positive Proof of Global Warming!
May 19, 2009, 3:31 pm
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The Oyster Mushroom How to Video Part One
May 16, 2009, 11:21 pm
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We are almost finished with the production of a short clip about how to grow Oyster mushrooms. 1) First one should find a Poplar tree and chop it down, cut the trunk into three – four ft piece.
2) Drill 1/2 inch holes throughout the log, each one about 2-3 inches deep, and about six inches apart.
3) fill the holes with mushroom spores.
4) cover holes with a layer of bees wax.
5) plant upright in the forest
6) Wait!

Wait til you see the video!

More Riots on Roatan!
May 14, 2009, 3:51 pm
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May 7th 2009 A mob of violent protesters took over the streets of Roatan yesterday spreading fear and crippling the tourism industry.

The demonstrators were organized and turned violent quickly taking over the ZOLITUR Free Zone office in French Harbour. Once inside, they destroyed everything they could, removing all documents and computers then burning them on the road.

Shots were fired by Police and protesters with at least two policemen injured and it is reported that at lease one protester was injured from gunfire. Hails of stones fell upon police as the protesters refused to retreat.

Police had made as many as 40 arrests. But, it has been reported that these protesters were later freed by the rebels who invaded the police station and stole weapons.

The root of the violence is suspected to be that the ZOLITUR Free Trade Zone is excluding native Hondurans from working on the island without permit from ZOLITUR and will prevent the free movement of Hondurans on The Bay Islands. This is a claim denied by ZOLITUR officials.

More Riots On Roatan

More Riots On Roatan



Today the island is calm, but it is said that the leaders of the rioters have given 24 hours for their demands to be met or they will seal off the island from air and sea. Honduran Special Forces are now on the island to keep the peace and prevent further damage.


We are back! And Bigger than ever!

After a fantastic culinary journey to Honduras and back, we have returned to the farm in more ways than one. Our trip south took us to several semi organic farms, and we enjoyed some incredible food, which we will get to in short order! We rented out the city house and have moved the whole family to the farm. The cat is still a bit screwed up, but I’m sure she’ll come around. (or get carried off by an owl!)

We have built a green house , chicken coop and a pig pen, the chicks, twenty of them arrived today, as the internet guys were setting up our receiver. (If you live in the Kingston area drop me a line and I’ll give you a tip so your system is a bit cheaper!)

Year we got chicks! twenty Columbian rock X red chicks to be precise! Funny thing is that when I applied for the building permit and stupidly was honest and mentioned the chicks, the told me I was too close to a Provincially Significant Wetland to have chickens. I of course told them to go to hell so we will see if the chickens become rebels.

The gardens this year are going to cover about five times as much area as last year, and we are growing an eve larger variety of foods this year. One of the tomato varieties we are growing is from a 200 + old plant that popped up when they were renovating the Grand Theater in Kingston. 

Oh and lets not forget that we have started to get the cash together for our new inverter and windmill! We of course will keep you informed!