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More Riots on Roatan!
May 14, 2009, 3:51 pm
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May 7th 2009 A mob of violent protesters took over the streets of Roatan yesterday spreading fear and crippling the tourism industry.

The demonstrators were organized and turned violent quickly taking over the ZOLITUR Free Zone office in French Harbour. Once inside, they destroyed everything they could, removing all documents and computers then burning them on the road.

Shots were fired by Police and protesters with at least two policemen injured and it is reported that at lease one protester was injured from gunfire. Hails of stones fell upon police as the protesters refused to retreat.

Police had made as many as 40 arrests. But, it has been reported that these protesters were later freed by the rebels who invaded the police station and stole weapons.

The root of the violence is suspected to be that the ZOLITUR Free Trade Zone is excluding native Hondurans from working on the island without permit from ZOLITUR and will prevent the free movement of Hondurans on The Bay Islands. This is a claim denied by ZOLITUR officials.

More Riots On Roatan

More Riots On Roatan



Today the island is calm, but it is said that the leaders of the rioters have given 24 hours for their demands to be met or they will seal off the island from air and sea. Honduran Special Forces are now on the island to keep the peace and prevent further damage.



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