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An Australian Answer to huge Question!
May 20, 2009, 1:37 am
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Who Revived the Electric Car!

General Questions about the evMe
Where is the car made?
The car has been designed and assembled in Australia. Components for the car come from a variety of sources all over the world.
Is this an Australian car company if everything is made overseas?
Energetique is a wholly owned Australian company. The specialty electronic components that we import from our overseas suppliers is currently not manufactured in Australia. Our advanced technologies in system integration and vehicle management are proprietary to Energetique and differentiate us from being an importer of components.
Are there any government rebates or subsidies for purchasing an electric car in Australia?
Not at this time but Energetique is actively lobbying government to support cleaner more sustainable transport solutions.
How did you come up with the idea for evMe?
Founder Phil Coop had always been interested in issues of sustainability and regional economics. Phil was concerned that there were as yet no real alternatives to internal combustion vehicles and decided to purchase a Suzuki Mighty Boy that was converted to electric using an AC Induction motor and lead acid batteries. The vehicle had a long working life but was constrained by the conventional technologies it contained. Several years of research involving a small team of like minded, technology savvy individuals revealed that an energy efficient and environmentally friendly transport alternative for commuters was possible using state of the art technologies and that there was an opportunity to manufacture this type of vehicle in Australia. This background research also provided a wide range of associated technologies and applications that are currently being pursued through more formal research and development and ultimately commercialisation.
I want to add a link to the evMe website from my website, do you have any graphics?
Images can be downloaded from the media section of the evMe site here


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