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A new twist on an old idea!


The other day I borrowed a 3000 watt portable generator from a friend. We are raising chickens, and at the time they were very small and needed a light on them 24 hours. The second day that I had the generator, the on/off switch popped off! It has worn out and as it was spring loaded it broke and popped off.

I sent a note off to Goss Industries in the GTA about it and I was shocked about a few things: 1) Bill Santo got back to me within a couple of days. 2) Offered to pop a new part in the mail. 3) Sent the right part to me, at no charge!

This is the best sort of conservation! This product, which would of been junk, or at least and expensive repair is now up and running, saving me from having to buy a new one!


My friend Christina has a rotor tiller, in the spring my garden is always ready first so I borrow the tiller, then my friend Peter across the street uses it and takes it back to Christina’s. We share wood splitters, chain saws, whipper snippers, and car pool together.

To take this one step farther we all manage our gardens together so that we all don’t have to grow so many things.


We are cutting our ties to the world, sort of! We are trying to wean ourselves off the paper newspaper. Martina misses the crossword, but we have found it all online. We have eliminated almost all of the cell phones, cable TV bills, and all of those pesky monthly bills.



We have taken a “FARM FIRST” attitude about our little oasis here. Planting tons of trees, expanding the gardens and putting more into them. We are making our own wine, beer and hooch as well! We are taking a 100% pro active approach to our lifestyle!

Come see us at

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