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The Farm is under Attack!

After owning this property since 1988, we have huge gardens, solar water, and electricity eight chickens, (and next year three pigs). We have discovered that we, our home, our farm our everything. Is contained within the 120 meter set back  from an Ontario Province significant wetland area. In our case it is administered by the Cataraquai Waterway authority. the upshot of all this is that we had to teenagers come out to our property and tell us that we would have to pay them $150 every time we built a building or graded our driveway.

Now I am all for protecting the earth that we inhabit, but how come I get this tax? I’ve been solar since ’88 but I never got any kind of credit for that. we buy locally what we don’t produce here, and we manage our water consumption carefully. (We have a dug well). But not so the others in the area!

Up the road there is a chap (very connected, government job) who put two lakes in, with his back hoe he flooded a huge area, making himself a private lake!, then he put in a large lined pond, All within the wetland. Currently they are redoing a local bridge in Outlet. The construction company is dumping huge amount of chipped concrete into the creek, do they have a permit? No. The county even hauls water directly out of Grippen Creek which is next to my property. Within the PSW!

This is an attack against the local rural farmer, please go to our Facebook page and join our cause, after all they let people have chickens in Toronto now, why not let us have this new fangled technology you call chicken, out here in the countryside!


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