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What’s good for the Gander…

Recently at the farm we replaced our shed which had burned down a few years earlier under dubious circumstances. We constructed a slightly larger building on top of the crumbling concrete of the old shed. We applied for a building permit and supplied the township with almost everything they require for the building permit. Except of course for the permit from the Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority. The CRCA gained the right to TAX property owners who live near various types of wetland in 2006.

The problem is that they want us to get a permit whenever we build anything, grade our driveway or make any major changes to our property.  Well I grade my driveway several times in the spring, summer and fall and we plow the snow off in in the winter. We all gravel to it as one would to maintain a driveway as well. So we would be paying a lot of money to the CRCA just because of our proximity to a wetland.

Now a bit about this wetland. Well for starters it’s not wet year round. It fills with water in the fall, freezes and then dries out in the early spring. Last summer we got a record amount of rain, but we took our white dog Rudy out to the swamp for a walk, and an hour later we still hadn’t found any water (or mud) and neither had he dog! And She’s a hound.

So this week we were served with a fine for not complying with the Townships building permit.

This week we also learned that a local water front developer has put an 80 foot wide road in through the wetland! About a mile and a half long! build with a high hoe, and smashed threw the once beautiful land. huge trees smashed and tossed aside! Avery sad sight.

But the best thing of all is that it appears that no permits of any kind were issued, nothing from the township, MNR or the CRCA so I guess the rule is that if you have money, you can do what ever you want to the environment!