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The Sun and the Calm Return!

The past few weeks have been very hard on Roatan’s tourist industry. With the “riots” and roadblocks news reaching us in the north, things seem much worse than they were before, but in fact the situation is better. The power is on, but patchy in some areas, and the roads are clear. A friend told me that while in a cab to French harbor they had no trouble getting through a roadblock in front of the RECO plant.

The bad weather that had covered the area lifted this week and once again the island is a glistening gem. The good weather I hope will stay with us for a good while, five weeks of solid rain AND the whole RECO business is enough to drive someone mad!

Riots on Roatan!

The tiny island of Roatan, one of the Bay Islands of Honduras has erupted is chaos after the new American owners of the islands power company, RECO, raised the price of kilowatts by as much as 150%. The Islands power company has been for years saddled with huge debt, and faulty polluting generators. The price increases have caused small riots and many small roadblocks. The cruise ships that come to the island have not been docking, and some have been re routed for the future. As well there have been more and more power outages on Roatan, where the power is already the most expensive in the world. More and more Islanders are looking to solar power, Evergreen Energy of Roatan recently hired two sales people one on each of the largest of the bay islands, Roatan and Utila.

E.J. Proctor has been a member of the West End community for years, working as a dive instructor at Luna Beach and West End Divers before coming to help us out. Andy Phillips is a world famous Tec diver instructor, who has been a partner in the Utila Dive Center since the eighties! His sound expertise has guided thousands of divers, and we are looking forward to his help.

It’s shaping up to be a very interesting season down here!