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Do I have Stupid Written on My Forehead?
November 3, 2009, 10:58 pm
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I live in the country, I don’t have a big farm, just a little one. I don’t drive around in a big ass F150 that I’m paying off until the end of time and I don’t like to get ripped off because I am either seen as part of, or not part of a specific group.

So this past spring when I took my Husqvarna lawn tractor in for an oil and filter, actually they came and got it. I bought it from them and I thought they were honest so I figured , they know theses things so let them do their thing. well I was wrong because they called with a bill that was over $500.00!!!  Shit it still only costs 50 bucks or so to get the oil changed in a car! So they clearly think I’m part of the hobby farm elite! Maybe they think I’ve got a grand granite swimming pool overhanging the St.Lawrence river, on my estate!

Wrong they just thought they would try and soak me! But I got them to knock a hour’s labour off the bill if I promised never to come back there!



So today I was calling around to a local heating and cooling supply place asking about 1/2 inch soft copper tubing, and low and behold they too think that I’m a big fat rich guy. They sell the copper in 60 foot rolls, but they charge $349.00. Home depot and the TSC store in Brockville both sell it, and I thought that a pro place would sell it cheaper. But I guess that this class war extends a lot farther than I thought because the Home Depot price is $300.00 cheaper! So I thought that this might be an oversight, and I called back and spoke to a women in the front office, and low and behold she said that they were “Supporting the tradesmen in the area”.  I guess by ripping the rest of us off! So I guess it will be a while before I shop at


So why is it so hard to look after the planet and after your pocketbook at the same time!