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Hurricane Palomar

Yesterday night looking at the weather radar on my computer, Palomar looked like it was going to swallow up the Bay Islands. But this morning the aspiring hurricane took a right and headed up towards Cuba and the gulf stream. At the worst of it, palomar was licking at the islands but never got close. Hurricanes are a big problem in Central America, Mitch was the most recent one that brought a great deal of devastation.

This season there seems to be a big storm behind every palm tree! Just look at the price of gas! We sell a  line of secure fasteners that can help you prevent your new panels from flying off your roof, either by hurricane or by busy little hands in the night, this is a perfect storm you do want to miss!

Going to school to be green
April 3, 2008, 3:54 am
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I have decided to go back to school! At 43 that’s a big deal! But I’m going to go to Seneca College to learn how to be a PV installer! I’ve been solar powered since 1988, and there have been many times that my eagerness to have light overrode my fear of flaming tongues of electrical fire!I start on the tenth of May and I am very excited, this will be the perfect compliment to the online solar store to come, and I’ll be able to set up these systems fast and efficiently. Not to mention that I’ll be able to pull the numbers out of my head that make sales final!So I’ll try to keep up here as often as I can, and I’m looking forward to spending the summer (and fall, winter, spring, summer and fall!) surrounded by books. I changed out of the Grip category at IATSE into the Drivers for the next six months so I hope to get a bit of work and get a bit of school work done as well! I’ll try to keep you regularly posted! Willhttp://www