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Evergreen Solar Buying Club announced

We have been solar powered for twenty years. We have joined together with several other solar powered folks so that we can buy our new panels cheaper by the pallet.

We decided to see if anyone else would be interested in getting in on the savings with us, we asked around and found that there were a lot of people interested.

The club is simple, and free to join. By purchasing the panels in bulk, we all share in the savings.

If you have any questions, please ask away. We don’t know everything but we installed our own systems, and have maintained them for over twenty years.

If we don’t know the answer, we’ll point you in a direction where you will find it.

We do not generally install systems, but we have a great relationship with two area companies that can help you out.

If you’re looking for something specific, give us a call and we will try to locate it for you at a reasonable rate.

All panels are shipped to the farm outside of Lyndhurst, when they come in we’ll invite everyone over for a photo opportunity, and something warm to drink!

New panels are sold by the pallet. Used panels are sold by availability. Prices do not include tax or the $25 Shipping charge


190 Watt Canadian Solar $825 NEW ($4.34/watt) – twenty panels available

80 Watt   Solartech Panels $299 New ($3.73/watt) – eight panels available

175 Watt panels 3 yrs old  $725  ($4.14/watt) – many available USED

100 watt Siemens (5 yr old)  $450 ($4.50/watt) USED

75 watt Siemens (7 yr old) $300   ($4.00/watt) ) USED

Hitting The Gringo Trail

My Gal and I are getting ready for our fall migration, in search of the foods of the Gringo Trail. The Gringo Trail is a loosely defined path that leads through central america. The most defined part of the trail leads down from CanCun Mexico through Belize to Tikal Guatemala, then following the coast to the Bay Islands of Honduras. A spur line of the trail goes to Antigua and lake Atitlan in Guatemala. Some would also argue that the trail originated with the famous green turtle bus that plied the pacific coast from San Fran to Puerto Escondido.

We will be driving a Cadillac to Fort Lauderdale where we will hang out with a diver friend of ours, then fly with Spirit Airways to San Pedro Sula. We will then hop a bus bound for Trujillo where columbus first set foot in America. It’s also where the American filibusterer William Walker landed, (and was executed). It is also a great jumping off point for a visit to Guanaja, the third of the Bay Islands.

Guanaja was almost leveled by Hurricane Mitch, but is now slowly getting back to normal. We have quoted a solar installation there at a safari camp. Then we will either hop a fishing boat to Roatan or back track to La Ceiba and take the yacht to Utila. We have a salesman on Utila, Andy Phillips is a very well respected member of the dive community, and we’ll spend a little time there before heading to Roatan with Vern on his sailboat! then we will idel ourselves for our true tropical vacation! All the while keeping an eye peeled for a new retail space! Of course the Gringo trail extends itself right around the world!